Why Brisbane is Best for Commercial Property Investment?

In today’s competitive business world, commercial property investment seems an ideal option for all those ingenious entrepreneurs and potential investors who are looking for higher rental earnings. In fact, the percentage of rental returns is getting higher with each passing year – it is because the office, industrial and retail property yields have been experiencing tax benefits such as reduced CGT rates, negative gearing and low volatility. This is one of the reasons why investing in Brisbane commercial property market is attracting more potential investors.

Benefits of buying a commercial property

Location always plays a vital role when it comes to buying commercial property for higher rental yields. However, it is not necessary that you need to be a businessman to invest in a retail space. The commercial property investment is beneficial for all those who have long-run investment strategies. And if you have a business, then you can save your rental charges by buying a well-located commercial space in the hotspots of Brisbane. Here are some of the benefits of buying a commercial property in Brisbane:

Higher Rental Yields

Profits and higher returns are the two major benefits of buying a commercial property instead of residential ones. It has been seen that commercial properties bring in an average of 6 to 10 % of returns and the exact returns could depend on the tenant as well.

Easy Funding

Most of the financial institutions or banks in Brisbane prefer pouring money into commercial properties. They offer a variety of commercial loan solutions including:
  • Purchase of industrial, retail and commercial property
  • Construction of industrial, retail and commercial property
  • Many more options
Tip: If you are new in the investment world, then consider the best tips to buy the right commercial property in Brisbane . Beginner's Guide: Tips to buy a Right Commercial Property

Leverage Tax Benefits

There is a flexibility to avail several tax benefits when you can buy the office space in which you are currently working. Plus, you can enjoy the council rates, repairs and maintenance and insurance which have been paid by your tenant.

Key Reasons to Invest in Brisbane Commercial Property Market

  • Brisbane offers one of the most affordability rates
  • The percentage of property sales and lending is getting higher with each passing year.
  • The rental returns/earnings are pretty good
  • Vacancy rates are comparatively low
  • Introduction of high-end infrastructure development, including Brisbane Quarter and Brisbane Metro.


Although the Brisbane property market is comparatively steady than Sydney and Melbourne, it will be on the upswing after a year. It means investing in Brisbane can be an ideal way to leverage the benefits of a flourishing property market.