Tips to Find the Next Property Hotspot for Property Investment

Investing in a property is a brave decision, especially who are doing it for the first time. No matter how thoroughly you researched the market or how experienced you are, it is pivotal for you to take right decisions at the right time. Finding the hotspots in Brisbane for investment property is one of those decisions that take both courage and faith. As an experienced investor, you might know the complexities involved in finding the right property location, but you still fail in making the most of out your investment strategy. This happens due to lack of confidence and due diligence. So, here in this blog post, we will try to determine the long-term investment potential of a location. But always remember that all locations experience every stage of the property cycle – from low to high price values or vice-a-versa.

Understand the Concept of Price Direction

It is impossible to find a location in Brisbane where prices never go down. So, to make the right decision, you need to understand the concept of price direction. It compresses one of the five key measures as to where a place lies in the property cycle. So, make sure you ask the unit price before finalising your deal. Don’t forget to do market research to know the ups and downs. Apart from this, also look at the actual resale price.

Thorough Inspection

Many novices think that investing in property is as simple as playing a game on a mobile phone. Buying a property for long-term investment requires thorough research, location research, right decision-making approach and a lot more. You need to take some precious time out of your busy schedule and look for the locations that can give your benefits for a long-run. In simple terms, choosing a location that can help you generate high yields and returns in the next few years is an ideal decision. So, instead of considering short-term benefits, discover the factors that can help you fulfil your financial security goals with ease. Tip: Make sure you avoid these 5 biggest blunders while investing in Brisbane Property Market.

Top Suburbs to buy a property in Brisbane in 2018

Pallara This beautiful suburb has recorded a price growth of 35.8 % in the last year Nudgee According to CoreLogic, Nudgee has recorded capital growth of 7.7 % in the past ten years. Highgate Hill The suburb has posted an average price growth of 7.6 % each year. Gaythorne It has grown 7.4 % annually, while the median house price is around $ 798, 500. So, the final decision will be yours. You can choose any of the suburbs in Brisbane to boost your property investment income for a long run.