Beginner’s Guide: Tips to buy a Right Commercial Property

If you want a lucrative commercial property investment, then you need to understand the fluctuating market factors, your specific financial requirements, leasing arrangements, property management options and a good knowledge of potential risks. A thorough understanding of these factors will help you buy the right commercial property in Brisbane that will yield higher returns for a long-run. Whether you are buying a retail shop, an industrial unit or an office space, it is pivotal for you to keep yourself updated with all the risk factors and changing market trend – this will take you closer to your investment goals. If you are purchasing your commercial property in Brisbane for the first time, then keep the following considerations in mind. The tips mentioned below in the blog post will help you grab the profitable opportunities for investment.

Consider Both the Population Growth & Economic Factors

There is always a thin line between the difference of buying commercial property and residential property for long-term investment. And deciding the best property to invest in Brisbane can be challenging for you. As a commercial property investor, it is vital for you to consider both the population growth and economic factors before making the final buying decision. A consistent and robust economy is imperative for the success of any commercial property investment. If you are planning to buy office space in Brisbane, then dig deeper into the influential economic factors, including the national, locals and international economies – understanding of economic factors can help you take a calculated risk to a great extent. When the economy starts to boost, property market experiences the signs of growth, which increases the demand for office spaces in Brisbane.

Infrastructural Development

The development of infrastructure sector can increase the demand for commercial properties in the Brisbane market. And the best part is that the number of new major development projects including the Brisbane Quarter, Airport redevelopment and Metro is ready to be announced or projected to be up and running by 2022. Each development projects is expected to bring its benefits to Brisbane’s economy, which in turn, increase the demand for commercial property.

Interest Rates

Interest rates have been used by the Reserve Bank of Australia to control the inflation rate. Increasing interest rates can lead to slow growth. Plus, it also reduces consumer spending. This directly declines the demand for both commercial and residential property.


Arranging funds for commercial property is more complicated than residential financing. Some finances specialise only in commercial property finance because they are aware of the risks involved in the current property market. Tip: Australian banks tend to lend up to 70 % of the value of the property, but this value is often based on the yields achieved by you.

Understand the Risk Factors

It is imperative for you to indulge in well-researched commercial property investment. As it can be lucrative and risky, make sure you prepared yourself for adverse situations as well. Keep the following risk factors in mind while buying your commercial property in Brisbane, Queensland;
  • Size of the commercial property
  • Lease term
  • Changes in Infrastructure
  • Fluctuating market trends
  • Demand and supply of properties


Buying commercial suites in high-demand areas of Brisbane can provide lower risk to those who have just started their property investment journey. In order to maintain higher yields, then update yourself with the changing market trends and risk factors involved in commercial property investment.